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Welcome to C'est Moi Sche Blog!

Hello and welcome, this is my very first blog ever and I am excited to share with you about my love for Fashion, Health, Culture, Food and Music. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestion on any topic you would like for me to cover. On this blog I will also include two writers; one is Reca TheRealest and Ermione. Stay tune you will not want to miss what we have in store for you guys.

Now, let's talk about this beautiful girl on this post. The girl you see here is Hulda A, she is my friend and favorite model I like to use for campaigns. She was also the model I use for my 2012 Haitian/Caribbean Calendar; I will post the cover picture below. Therefore, I would love to say thank you Hulda for always being there for me when I needed shots for my boutique and the calendar. I would also like to thank Trevor from TCR photography who is also a good friend of mine. He is the man behind these beautiful shots. I would also want to everyone who has always been there for me and helped me when I need their help for my many projects.



Kiwi popsicle

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